Becoming a captain of a boat is no easy task and one that is a time consuming process. It requires a formal education and experience as with any other profession, while it may not be as strict as one of the medical field that will largely depend on the type of boat you wish to captain. In order to qualify to captain a boat, there are strict licensing requirements that need to be adhered to and obtained. Mentioned below are the initial steps you will need to consider in order to captain a boat.
Getting an education
In graduate high school, a diploma in the following areas will be vital such as math including algebra, geometry and so on, while communication skills are equally important. A bachelor’s degress is strongly recommended at an academy or college that has an approved Coast Guard certification depending on the state or country you are studying at. An Abu Dhabi yacht charter for example will have the need to go to international waters, in which case there will be certain ranks that you will have to formally surpass stage by stage. Here, a bachelor’s degree will have an advantage. It is also necessary to continuously be up to date with the technologies and facilities that are available in this field so study and read as much books and operational structures in order to build up good knowledge in the area.
Experience is one of the key factors to consider before obtaining a captain’s license. Most Boat Rental Price agencies hire their boats to institutes and colleges for students to clock in their sea time as per the institute’s standards and supervision. It is important to log in at least 360 days of sea time within a period of five years. A day in this context would mean four consecutive hours. These sea times that you clock in will be formally supervised typically under another captain’s command. Apart from the formality of clocking in 360 hours of sea time, you should also consider spending some additional time on training directly related to the operations and management of a ship or find yourself a paid entry level job if you want to be experienced in captaining.
Obtaining the license
Submitting the application will be the first step to securing a captain’s license. This is more formally known as the Merchant Mariner Credential in the United States and differs from country to country. Note that there are other documentation requirements in addition to the application and all this needs to be carefully filled out and submitted in order to be successful in obtaining the license.