Flowers that are fresh from the florists will often come with long stems and all the leaves bunched together at the back. It is best displayed in a beautiful vase in order to take maximum advantage of their pleasing colours and placement. Flowers will no doubt make any space look bright and inviting and fresh flowers undoubtedly have sweet aromas. Below are some ways in which flowers can be arranged.

Picking your colour scheme

It is as per your taste that floras can be selected thus you can select flowers for the bouquet in a variety of colours or you can choose ones with a monochromatic scheme. Different types of flowers can add variety and texture to the bouquet too. When picking wedding flowers Dubai for a wedding, this is a good first step to consider.

Selection of the vase

When selecting a vase, it would be ideal to choose one that will hold the flowers without a lot of space wasted and open areas. This will make the vase look full and the floras look brighter and closely packed. This tight fit of the flowers against each other will prevent the flowers from drooping off to the sides.

Height of the bouquet

The height of the bouquet is important and this could be dictated by the size of the vase or the place in which you decide to display the bouquet. Open areas will benefit from having longer stemmed flower bouquets with trailing blossoms while smaller vases with shorter floras will look good in a compact and smaller space. Gardening shears will help with removing or cutting the stems to fit the vase properly. Any type of flower arrangement can easily light up any room.

Care for the flowers

It is important to treat your floras daily to keep them fresh longer. Some of these tips can be to wrap the ends of the roses in a brown paper and just for an instant dip them in boiling water to force any air out. Or spraying some cooking spray on any tropical floras will help retain their moisture.

Arranging the vase

Make sure to constantly rotate the vase as you keep placing the floras in them, this will help you not miss any spots and make the vase look uniform and filled. The brighter and larger flowers can be placed inside the vase first after which the smaller blooms can fill up the rest of the areas. Always make sure to vary the heights of the flowers as you place them along with their colours matched.